Warehouse Expansion

In line with the channel and berth deepening work, cargo capacity has been increased through expanding Port Otago’s warehousing. Port Chalmers’ Back Beach warehouses have been extended, increasing on-wharf dairy storage capacity by 25% and an additional 3,800 m2 warehouse at nearby Sawyer’s Bay has been completed. This adds a further 14% to the Port’s warehousing capacity.

Port Chalmers

This warehouse project commenced in July 2015 with a construction period of four months. A new office and amenities building have been built, with some re-allocation of yard space and reconfiguration of the entrance to the area.

The increase in product stored has required additional staffing and equipment to keep up with the demands of the export season.

Warehouse Expansion Port Chalmers


Sawyers Bay

The former tannery site at Sawyers Bay, which was transformed into a dairy standard warehouse facility between September 2012 and July 2013, is the site of a new 3,800 m2 warehouse. Completed in March 2016, the new warehouse is being used for short-term storage for existing customers and new business. This additional warehouse, adjacent to the State Highway and within two kilometres of the wharves at Port Chalmers, is an ideal storage and logistics base for importers and exporters.

Second warehouse

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