New Tug and Barge

Update September 1 2016: Port Otago has taken delivery of its new tugboat, the Arihi. Check out the media release,  ODT website for the story and video, and a timelapse video of Arihi's unloading on Youtube.


Aligned to Port Otago’s dredging programme and with wider relevance to the Port’s operational requirements, we have acquired a new tug and split-hopper barge at a cost of $7 million.

There are three major benefits of the plant and equipment:

  • Dunedin maintenance dredging can be operated separately and independently from New Era activity
  • The tug can be used for smaller vessel operations in Dunedin (such as fishing vessels) and provide back-up for the tugs based in Port Chalmers
  • External charter opportunities.

The new tug has a bollard pull of 30 Tonnes. This is more than adequate for working barges to support dredging activity, but it will also give much greater flexibility for vessel operations. For a lot of vessel movements in Port Chalmers, the combination of this new tug with either of our two larger tugs will be sufficient.

These two new assets complement the remaining fleet and provide a flexible asset pool which can service all of Port Otago’s maintenance dredging and marine structure tasks for the next 15-20 years.


The Arihi towing barge Hapuka

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