Preliminary Documents

The information below is a selection of background reports and documentation that was prepared to support the investigations and consenting process for the Next Generation project from 2008 to 2011.

Consent Documents

pdf 32 Application and AEE (Port Otago Ltd May 2010) 
zip 32 Appendix A - Drawings 25 May 2010

Supporting Reports

pdf 32 Summary of Reports (Port Otago Ltd, May 2010)
pdf 32 Ecological Environment and Assessment (NIWA, Aug 2009)
pdf 32 Offshore Ecology (NIWA, Aug 2008)
pdf 32 Harbour Ecology (BSL and University of Otago, Dec 2008)
pdf 32 Harbour Rocky Shores (BSL, June 2009)
pdf 32 Te Rauone Latham Bay Ecology (BSL, Feb 2010)
pdf 32 Bird Foraging (NIWA, Nov 2008)
pdf 32 Fisheries Preliminary (Boyd, Dec 2008)
pdf 32 Preliminary Summary of Ecological (NIWA, Oct 2007)
pdf 32 Physical Coastal Environment and Assessment (NIWA and MetOcean, Mar 2010)
pdf 32 Hydrodynamic Modeling (NIWA and MetOcean, Aug 2009)
pdf 32 ADCP field report (NIWA, Nov 2008)
pdf 32 Preliminary Physical Coastal Environment Bibliography (SPML, Dec 2007)
pdf 32 Preliminary Hydrodynamic Report (NIWA, Jan 2008)
pdf 32 Physical Coastal Environment Bibliography (SPML)
pdf 32 Short History of Harbour Dredging (CPG, July 2009)
pdf 32 Geotechnical Factual (OPUS, Aug 2008)
pdf 32 Geotechnical Interpretation (OPUS, Sept 2009)
pdf 32 Dredging Methodology (Port Otago Ltd and Hughes Ass. Ltd, Dec 2009)
zip 32 Vessel Effects (Pullar, Sep 2009)
pdf 32 Economic Impacts (Butcher Partners Ltd, May 2010)
pdf 32 SH88 Transport Review (Traffic Design Group, Sep 2008)
pdf 32 Rail Infrastructure (Kiwi Rail, Oct 2009)
pdf 32 Port Capacity Assessment (Coe, Oct 2009)
pdf 32 Assessment of Noise Effects (Marshall Day, Oct 2009)
pdf 32 Cultural Impact Assessment (Kai Tahu Ki Otago Ltd, May 2010)
zip 32 Key Species of Interest to Ngai Tahu (AES Ltd, Boyd, University of Otago, May 2010)

Additional Reports & Peer Reviews

pdf 32 New Era Plume Modelling Report (Bell & Reeve 2010)
pdf 32 NIWA Letter regarding T&T Peer Review
pdf 32 Review of Port Otago Dredging Project: Harbour and Offshore Modelling - Tonkin & Taylor 
pdf 32 NIWA Summary Letter for ocean currents measured at A0 disposal site
pdf 32 Current Measurements at A0 Disposal Ground - Field Data Report 
pdf 32 Review of Port Otago Dredging Project: Harbour and Offshore Modelling - Ross Vennell, Department of Marine Science, University of Otago

Building a Sustainable Primary Deep-water Port