Monitoring Summary - Dashboard

The following “Dashboard” shows an up to date and current overview of the key elements of monitoring being undertaken. 

It is based on a simple traffic light system that is changed and responds to the most recently received monitoring data and information :-

  • Red Light – Danger. 
  • Orange Light – Warning / Beware.
  • Green - Situation Normal.

As can be seen in the text within each cell, if the monitoring being undertaken shows some potential or actual impact related to dredging or disposal, the light for that cell will change to either orange or red. Further investigation or changes to dredging or disposal activity would be needed in these instances.

The dashboard will be updated at approx 6 weekly intervals aligning with receipt and reporting of the kelp monitoring light data.  The exception to this “general update rule” will be in the instance of a harbour or offshore turbidity exceedance being identified as potentially related to, or related to dredging or disposal activities. In this instance an update will be uploaded within a week of that specific event.

2018 02 09 09 48 41 NextGEN Monitoring Summary Dashboard 8 February 2018.pdf Adobe Reader

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