Environmental Management Plan

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is the cornerstone reference documents for the project, and the basis of the adaptive management approach that Port Otago has adopted to monitor and manage any effects.

The primary goals of this EMP are to:

  • Describe what actions will be taken in the event of a range of events occurring during dredging and disposal operations.
  • Describe the methodology proposed for dredging and disposal operations and the programme scheduled for each component of the project.
  • Provide a detailed monitoring plan describing the scale and intensity of monitoring of potential adverse effects on water quality, marine biota and coastal processes, and the management responses to that monitoring.
  • Provide a list of key positions and points of contact during the project.
  • Describe how stakeholders will be kept informed during dredging and construction and how any complaints will be managed.

The EMP is a live document and will be updated as the project progresses through the differing stages. The most recent and operative EMP is available here:

pdf 32 Environmental Management Plan - Operative September 2017

pdf 32 HEB - Multi Purpose Wharf Extension Project Environmental Management Plan

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