Consultation Groups

Technical Group

The Technical Group (TG) has been established and will continue to evaluate monitoring, and to make recommendations on actions to improve monitoring and effects included in the Environmental Management Plan.

The functions of the Technical Group are: 

  • Evaluation of received monitoring data and reports from the physical and biological monitoring required by the EMP.
  • To make recommendations on management actions to ameliorate the adverse effects of dredging and disposal as part of Project Next Generation.
  • To make recommendations on appropriate changes to the physical and biological monitoring framework to ensure that it delivers timely focussed results for the improve management of the project.
  • To ensure the baseline monitoring works have been undertaken with the overview and input from the Technical Group. Seven meetings of the TG have been held since August 2013. 

The current membership of the Technical Group is as per the following document:

pdf 32 Technical Group Members

Manawhenua Consultative Group

The Manawhenua Consultative Group ("MCG") has responsibilities associated with communication between the various project parties and representatives of the local hapu and iwi.

The purposes of the MCG are:

  • To facilitate consultation between the MCG and Port Otago during the project.
  • To advise on the design of the cultural monitoring programmes, including the development of cultural health indicators for key species of importance to Kai Tahu.
  • Receive and review monitoring data reports from the monitoring undertaken.
  • Evaluate the cultural impacts of Project Next Generation, and maintenance dredging, on Otago Harbour and Te Tai o Arai Te Uru (Otago Coastal Marine Area).
  • To make recommendations to Port Otago on management options to avoid, remedy or mitigate any adverse effects of the project.
  • To make recommendations to Port Otago on appropriate changes to the cultural monitoring framework.

The current membership of the Manawhenua Group is as per the following document:

pdf 32 Manawhenua Consultative Group (MCG)

Project Consultative Group

The purpose of the Project Consultative Group (PCG) is to facilitate consultation between the wider users of Otago Harbour and its surrounds and Port Otago during the Incremental Capital and Major Capital dredging and disposal works.

Further details as to the role of the group are outlined within the Environmental Management Plan.

An initial meeting with PCG will be convened in the near future, with invitations sent to interested parties who participated in the consultation during the consenting phase of the project. If you wish to receive an invitation, please contact Port Otago Limited.

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