About Us

Port Chalmers was where New Zealand’s modern export trade originated, with the first shipment of frozen meat leaving the Port for Europe in 1882. Since then, Port Chalmers has always been in the vanguard of shipping activity and it remains as relevant to today’s international supply chain as it ever was. To maintain that relevance, continued development is required to make sure bigger ships can call and that there is enough cargo available to fill those bigger ships when they arrive.

Port Otago Limited is located on the Otago Harbour, on the lower east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Otago Harbour is world-renowned for its physical beauty and is regarded as the eco-tourism capital of New Zealand because of its abundant sea and bird life.

Port Otago operates two wharf systems - Port Chalmers and Dunedin - within Otago Harbour.

Port Otago is the primary export port for the South Island region of New Zealand and believes strong competition offers real benefits to shipping lines and cargo owners. Port Otago ensures this strong competition by delivering superior customer service in all aspects of its activities through a can-do attitude and hard work. Our people are committed to delivering the highest standards of port services at all times.

Building a Sustainable Primary Deep-water Port